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  • New York based American professional artist for over 40 years. 

  • Highly disciplined and energetic, with a daily regime of exercise, painting, and organic cooking.

  • Focused on family and concern for the well being of others.

  • In perfect health and at the peak of personal productivity.


  • Master of Fine Arts — Painting

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts — Sculpture

  • Master of Arts — Advanced Economics

  • Faculty of Science — Physics, Chemistry


  • Originator of Mystical Expressionism. The nouveau, international, avant-garde style deemed by art historian and art critic, Donald Kuspit.

  • Sole originator of Fresco Tempera and Pigmentation on Cork  - new mediums of painting.

  • Completed several thousand pieces of artwork including sculpture, paintings, frescoes, pastels, photography, and drawings.


  • Jamali and his works are featured in over 100 documentary videos

  • Over 600 pages in volumes published by Rizzoli International Publications, Inc.

  • Eight catalogs published by Mardan Publishing.

  • Autobiography, Jamali A Mystical Journey of Hope, True Story of an American Artist, coming in 2020 from Rizzoli


  • Over 100 one-man shows in the U.S.

  • Exhibitions of new artwork in Jamali Gallery locations in New York and Ft. Lauderdale


  • One of the most prolific artists in history, credited with 60,000 original artworks including paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs and poetry. 

  • All work done by the artist (no studio assistants).

  • Works digitized in high resolution files using Better Light System.


  • Studios and facilities total 50,000 sq. ft. in New York, Florida, and Denmark, designed by the artist himself.

  • Galleries located in New York, Ft. Lauderdale and Winter Park, Florida


  • The Jamali Foundation has contributed to over 50 charities throughout the United States.

  • The Jamali Foundation regularly contributes art to charity auctions.


  • Production, distribution, and administration are carried out by a staff of trained personnel from the Winter Park, Florida location to several established showrooms and galleries throughout the country.

  • Businesses include: Art and Peace, Inc., Mardan Publishing, Inc., Jamali Gallery locations in New York and Fort Lauderdale.

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