The internationally renowned American artist, Jamali, developed his unique style long ago in response to a vision.  In so doing, he established a unique style in the history of contemporary art - Mystical Expressionism.  Using organic pigments, often applied in a meditative dance, Jamali's mythic imagery is a powerful expression of the transcendence of art, peace and love.

Our online gallery offers selected artworks from our flagship gallery collection in New York, including works spanning Jamali's 40 year career, plus important works by Karen Salicath Jamali.  Located in the heart of SoHo at 413 West Broadway, the gallery is normally open 7 days a week, 10 am to 7 pm.  Each work of art comes with a certificate of authenticity printed on archival card stock, hand-signed by the artist.


Beginning Sunday, March 23rd, we will be closed temporarily, but open by appointment.  Our gallery directors are available daily by email:


With collective experience of fifteen years advising Jamali collectors around the world, we look forward to serving you.  And, our team of expert framers, art handliers, and packing/shipping experts remain here to process your order in a timely manner.

The eldest son of a prominent family living in the foothills of the Himalayas, Jamali experienced the horrors of war through the Indian Partition, which led him to pursue a life of peace through art on a prolific scale producing more than 40,000 original works to date. The complex surfaces and mystical imagery found in Jamali's paintings have been compared to the neo-expressionists Anselm Kiefer and Georg Baselitz. His gestural techniques link him to Jackson Pollock and the New York School. But the pre-eminent art critic Donald Kuspit observed that Jamali's singular method required its own name--Mystical Expressionism.


Jamali Online Gallery includes a specially curated selection of Jamali’s most coveted work currently available. These include rare Fresco Tempera masterpieces, oil paintings, pastels, vibrant works of pigment on cork and pigment dispersions, drawings, photography and sculpture. There are additional artworks in the Jamali Galleries located in New York City and Ft Lauderdale, Florida. We invite you to visit these galleries, to experience Jamali’s artwork in person, and to absorb the spiritual power and mystical energy of each masterpiece.