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Jamali Headquarters

7330 Sandscove Court

Winter Park, FL 32792

© 2019 by Jamali Fine Art. 

Investment Criteria  

  • Distinctive and Influential Style Recognized by leading critics, historians and publishers

    • Heralded by Donald Kuspit as the founder of the Mystical Expressionism School -- a union of painting with nature, ancient artistic traditions and contemporary consciousness, executed in a ritualistic meditative dance


  • Innovative Invented Mediums with Archival Qualities

    • Fresco Tempera

    • Pigmentation on Cork

    • Pigment Dispersion


  • Consistent Evolution of Style Developed Through Large and Mature Body of Work

    • 28,000 paintings, drawings and sculpture, produced single-handedly over 40+ years


  • Career Longevity and Proven Success

    • 100 one-man shows in the U.S. and representation by over 50 galleries

    • Largest single-artist collection and gallery in New York City (SOHO district)

    • Single-artist galleries located in New York, Fort Lauderdale, Winter Park, and opening in Miami, Florida, November 2017

    • Artist foundation headquarters(22,000 square feet) near Orlando in Winter Park, Florida

    • Most widely collected living American artist for original art with over 9,000 collectors worldwide


  • Critical Acclaim from Leading Critics & Historians

    • Donald Kuspit (Professor Emeritus, State University of New York at Stony Brook)

    • Mark Strand (Poet Laureate, Professor of English, Columbia University)

    • Philip E. Bishop (Professor of Humanities, Valencia College)

    • Francine Koslow Miller (Professor of Art History, Massachusetts College of Art & Design)


  • Recognition from Leading Fine Art Publishers

    • Only living artist with two retrospective volumes published by Rizzoli International 

      • Jamali Mystical Expressionism / Paintings (189 pages, 1997)

      • Jamali Mystical Expressionism / Dreams and Works (371 pages, 2003)

    • Numerous books and catalogues published by Mardan Publishing, Inc.


  • Non-Profit Foundation, Art & Peace Inc., To Support Artist’s Legacy in Perpetuity

    • Fund Jamali Art Museum and related initiatives

    • Protection of collector investment by maintaining records of collector provenance, use of digital archives, and authentication and appraisal services

    • Donated monetary gifts as well as artworks to several charities and f


  • History of Price Appreciation

    • Consistent price appreciation over 40-year career

    • 20% average annual rate of appreciation in past 12 years (over 800% since 2000) in primary markets


  • Positive Investment Outlook

    • Publication of artist’s memoirs (to be released 2018)

    • Jamali Art Museum (planned for Orlando, circa 2025) will display artist’s most significant work, support education and scholarly research dedicated to Mystical Expressionism, and artist’s influence