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Jamali Headquarters

7330 Sandscove Court

Winter Park, FL 32792

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Pigment Dispersion

Jamali’s Pigment Dispersions are created on tiled cork, canvas, and wood. When finished, the brilliant colors simmer beneath a surface that mimics translucent porcelain. The visual statement is powerful and complete; what may appear opposite or contrary is equally complementary and interconnected. 

This medium came about as a practical response, as Jamali explains, “I laid a very large canvas on the ground, surrounded by organic pigments. I wanted something I could float to make dispersions. I went to the supply shop and purchased gallons of different substances, pigments and paints. Eventually I discovered the right formula that allowed the liquid pigments to float intact and disperse above the surface -  and maintain the purity and inherent color of the pigments, even when left exposed to the weather for prolonged periods.”